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Are you considering consolidating credit in New Brunswick? Don’t let your financial situation get out of control — there are options. For financial relief, you can count on MNP LTD. — we’ve helped countless Canadians achieve financial stability, and we can assist you too.

Whether due to illness, divorce, unemployment or otherwise, there are countless reasons why people in New Brunswick find themselves in debt. But regardless of how deep your debts run, our knowledgeable and supportive Licensed Insolvency Trustees can give you the guidance you need. Pick up the phone today and learn more about how we can help you achieve financial stability.

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How we support you

If you’re carrying multiple debts with high interest rates, consolidating credit could be the best option for you. Your debts are consolidated into a single monthly repayment, potentially reducing your current payments. Get started by contacting an MNP LTD. office near you and scheduling a FREE, confidential consultation — you’ll receive open, honest and trustworthy advice from a knowledgeable and supportive Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Personal Insolvency Counselling

MNP offers permanent life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt. Our trustees are here to help.

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MNP LTD. is here to help — contact us today if: 

  • You have credit card debt 
  • Multiple creditors are pursuing you 
  • You find it hard to keep track of monthly payments

Having guided Canadians through their financial difficulties for over 50 years, MNP LTD.’s customized solutions are like no other. One of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will assess your situation to determine your options or suggest alternatives.

If you want to be free from debt, get in touch with MNP LTD. to learn more about your financial options from our professional debt specialists. Don’t hesitate — call us today, locate your nearest office or submit our simple online form for a FREE, private consultation.