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Life-changing Debt Solutions
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If you're in need of expert help when it comes to debt settlement, your search ends with MNP LTD. We have decades of experience helping people just like you overcome their personal debt — and we're ready to help you too. Our friendly Licensed Insolvency Trustees understand that there are several ways to address debt and they will get to know your situation in order to recommend the most appropriate solution.

All you need to do is schedule a free, confidential consultation with your local MNP LTD. Licensed Insolvency Trustee, who can provide the guidance you need to start making your debt a thing of the past.

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Why turn to us?

If your finances are in bad shape and the stress is becoming too much to handle, it's time to talk to an MNP LTD. Licensed Insolvency Trustee about your debt settlement options. We're here to take you through the options available to you, whether that means declaring bankruptcy, making a consumer proposal or consolidating your debts into one monthly repayment.

On top of that, your Licensed Insolvency Trustee will explain the details of the process that's best suited to your situation, including the effect on your credit score, implications for your assets and when you can expect to be debt-free. That's why your nearby MNP LTD. office is your go-to source for impartial advice and professional, non-judgmental support from start to finish.

We administer the following solutions:

  • Personal bankruptcy:

    We'll guide you through all required paperwork, liaise with your creditors, put a stop to any wage garnishments and ensure that there are no further legal proceedings against you.

  • Consumer proposal:

    Together, we put together a formal offer to your creditors to settle all unsecured debt. You can expect to retain your assets, pause or cancel interest and be freed from wage garnishments.

  • Debt consolidation:

    Qualifying for this kind of loan means your bank or financial institution will settle your debts on your behalf. After that, you make repayments via a single monthly payment, which is generally provided at a lower interest rate than credit card debt.

  • Credit counselling:

    One of our qualified credit counsellors will assess your financial situation, provide practical budgeting tips and negotiate with your creditors to obtain a more forgiving repayment schedule.

Put your debt in the past

The first step towards reviving your finances is understanding that your situation needs some professional help — and if you obtain that help quickly, you may find that you have more options available to you.

So don't stress when it comes to debt settlement. Take the first step towards financial stability by arranging a free consultation with an MNP LTD. Licensed Insolvency Trustee. We don't need to know how your situation came about — our aim is to provide you with the help you need to tackle your debt.